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3925 E Snowbasin Road, Huntsville, UT, 84317
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DR 2021-10
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Snowbasin Resort is requesting Design Review approval to replace the Middle Bowl chairlift. The original fixed grip triple Middle Bowl lift manufactured by CTEC in 1979 will be replaced with a 6 passenger detachable chairlift designed and manufactured by Leitner Poma of America. The installation will have a slope length of 4,600 feet with an elevation gain of 1,170 feet and an average slope of 27%. The construction of the lift will be entirely on land owned by the United States Forest Service and utilized by the resort under its Special Use Permit. The new bottom terminal will be approximately 200 feet northwest of the original bottom terminal and the new top terminal will be approximately 400 feet southwest of the original top terminal.

Property Address
3925 E Snowbasin Road
Huntsville, UT, 84317

Property Owner
Davy Ratchford



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Owner, Davy Ratchford

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230040001 - County Map
230010001 - County Map

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Document Name Date Uploaded
Building Elevations
Revision Middle Bowl D6C - Bottom Terminal Grading Plan June 29.pdf 7/8/2021
Revision Middle Bowl D6C Top Terminal Grading Plan - Revision 2 - June 28.pdf 7/8/2021
Engineered Plans
Revision Middlebowl - RETURN TERMINAL FOUNDATION.pdf 7/8/2021
Revision Middlebowl - DRIVE TERMINAL FOUNDATION.pdf 7/8/2021
Revision Middlebowl Profile.pdf 7/8/2021
Landscaping Plan
Revision Geologic Review.pdf 7/26/2021
Revision MiddleBowlLiftReplacement_SWPPP.pdf 7/16/2021
Notice of Decision
Revision SWCAP-Chairlift.pdf 7/12/2021
Revision Snowbasin Middle Bowl Preliminary Lift Calculation Submission.pdf 6/24/2021
Revision Receipt.pdf 6/22/2021
Outdoor Lighting Plan
Planning Staff Report
Revision signed staff report.pdf 8/3/2021
Signage Plan
Site Plan
Revision Middle Bowl - D6C - Top Terminal Grading Plan June19.pdf 6/28/2021
Original Middle Bowl - Lift Alignment Plan June 19.pdf 6/21/2021
Original 2021-05-28 Middle Bowl - Bottom Terminal - C2d.pdf 6/21/2021
Original Middle Bowl - D6C - Top Terminal Grading Concept 3c (006).pdf 6/21/2021
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Engineering Review #2


Weber County Engineering Ashley Thoman 7/20/2021
Planning Review

More Information Needed

Public Steve Burton 7/2/2021
Engineering Review #1

More Information Needed

Weber County Engineering Ashley Thoman 7/1/2021
Fire Review


Weber Fire District David Reed Weber Fire District 6/28/2021


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David Reed Weber Fire District 6/24/2021


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