Required Documents for Building Permit Applications

Note: Engineering Plan Sheets and Structural Design Calculations shall bear the Seal of a Utah State Licensed Engineer. Per state statute, the seal shall be signed, and dated by the engineer including the month day and year.

Note: Additional documentation may be requested throughout the application and review process.

Table of Contents

  1. Single Family Dwellings, Duplexes and Townhouses
  2. Multi Family Dwellings
  3. Residential Additions
  4. Residential Remodeling
  5. Residential Accessory Structures
  6. Commercial Building Projects (All Occupancies)
  7. Industrial (All Occupancies)
  8. Photovoltaic Solar Energy Systems (Residential)
  9. Photovoltaic Solar Energy Systems (Commercial)
  10. Swimming Pools and Spas (Residential)
  11. Swimming Pools and Spas (Commercial)
  12. Fuel Gas Installations or conversions (Residential)
  13. Basement Finish (Residential)
  14. Deck Addition (Residential)
  15. Electrical Permit (Residential)
  16. Electrical Permit (Commercial)
  17. Re-roof (Residential)
  18. Demolition Permit
  19. Other

Single Family Dwellings, Duplexes and Townhouses

Multi Family Dwellings

Residential Additions

Residential Remodeling

Residential Accessory Structures Including Detached Garages, Carports, Barns, Sheds, Pool Houses, Pergolas, Snow Canopies and Greenhouses.

Commercial Building Projects (All Occupancies)

Industrial (All Occupancies)

Photovoltaic Solar Energy Systems (Residential)

Photovoltaic Solar Energy Systems (Commercial)

Swimming Pools and Spas (Residential)

Swimming Pools and Spas (Commercial)

Fuel Gas Installations or conversions (Residential)

Basement Finish (Residential)

Deck Addition (Residential)

Electrical Permit (Residential)

Electrical Permit (Commercial)

Re-roof (Residential)

Demolition Permit