Skyline Mountain Base, LLC-Conditional Use Permits

3567 Nordic Valley Way, Eden, UT, 84310
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Conditional Use Permits
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Conditional Use Permits
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Nordic Snowmaking and run expansion

Property Address
3567 Nordic Valley Way
Eden, UT, 84310

Property Owner
Skyline Mountain Base, LLC

James Coleman

Weber Basin Water Conservancy District
Not Applicable
Health Department (Septic)

Parcel Number
22-029-0010 - County Map

Building Description Square Feet Valuation

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Document Name Date Uploaded
Building renderings
Easement documents
Engineered Plans
Geologic hazards study
Revision geohazards report.pdf 7/10/2020
Geotechnical report
Landscaping Plan
Notice of decision
Revision CUP Avy Plan.pdf 12/28/2020
Revision NV Expansion 2020-Reseeding Plan 201221 (002).pdf 12/28/2020
Revision re-seeding narrative.pdf 12/28/2020
Revision Notice of decision.pdf 3/10/2020
Original CUP 2020-03 Nordic Snowmaking application.pdf 1/22/2020
Original CUP 2020-03 Nordic Snowmaking concept plans.pdf 1/22/2020
Original CUP 2020-03 Nordic Snowmaking photos.pdf 1/22/2020
Permits issued
Revision CUP 2020-03 signed.pdf 1/11/2021
Planning staff report
Signage Plan
Site Plan
Revision revised parking 12-28-2020.pdf 12/28/2020
Water and Wastewater Plan
Uncategorized Documents
Review Notice of decision.pdf 3/10/2020
Review Stormwater_Construction_Activity_Permit.pdf 2/24/2020
Review DWQ-2018-006549 CGP.docx 2/24/2020


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Steve Burton - 2/25/2020
The Ogden Valley Planning Commission will hold a public meeting on Tuesday, March 3rd, 2020 regarding this proposal. The meeting will be held at 5:00 PM in the Weber County Commission Chambers located on the first floor of the Weber Center (2380 Washington Blvd, Ogden UT 84401). Meeting date and time is subject to change. Please call to confirm the meeting time and schedule at 801-399-8791.


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Fire Review


David Reed Weber Fire District 4/14/2020
Environmental Heatlh


Weber-Morgan Health Department Summer Day 11/23/2020
Planning Review

Not Approved

Weber County Planning Steve Burton 3/10/2020
Engineering Review


Weber County Engineering Tucker Weight 2/24/2020
Planning Review 1

Not Approved

Weber County Planning Steve Burton 1/31/2020


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Initial 1/22/2020 Angela Martin
Submitted 1/22/2020 Angela Martin


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David Reed Weber Fire District 2/21/2020
Tucker Weight 1/27/2020
Doug Wewer 3/3/2020


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